Discovery Room

The Discovery Room at Westmoor Park is home to a small collection of native and non-native reptiles, amphibians, and other critters, as well as our seasonal exhibits. Come in to visit with “Penny” the parrot or one of our other friends, and learn something new about the natural world each time you come in!

“Penny” - Tropical Sun Conure

A type of small parrot, the Sun Conure is a very sociable and colorful bird native to parts of South America. Penny eats a tropical seed mix, in addition to fresh fruit like grapes and melon. Although Penny was never taught to speak "words" as some parrots can, she entertains with a loud squawk as a greeting. She also enjoys dancing to country music.

Leopard Geckos

Our Discovery Room is home to two Leopard Geckos, a native species of the Middle East. These nocturnal lizards eat lots of crickets and mealworms, and have a very unique feel to their skin.


We have several different species of turtles on display in the Discovery Room, including painted turtles, box turtles, and a Russian tortoise.

“Ringo” - Blue-Tongued Skink

This lizard native to Australia, has the coolest tongue around! The blue-tongued skink likes to eat different kinds of fruits and vegetables, and sometimes bugs. Ringo’s favorite food is, of course, the blueberry.


We have several different species of snakes on exhibit in the Discovery Room and Park Office: a Sand Boa, and a California Kingsnake.